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AER Pocket Tool Colourizer


AER Pocket Tools Colourizer

This AER Pocket Tool is a professional audio preamp, designed and manufactured to the highest pro audio technical specifications; capable of shaping, maximizing and delivering the tonal character of your instrument. The AER focus revolves around the "true" reproduction of
natural acoustic sound to enable musicians to craft their own unique acoustic identity.

The AER Colourizer is a preamplifier for instrument or microphone (vocal or instrument microphone). You insert it into the signal chain between source and next point in the audio path (e.g. amplifier or mixing desk) to produce sound improvement – your signal will be stronger, richer and more stable.

How is this achieved? The high grade input stage we have created makes your instrument's tone noticeably more rounded and duller. Three individually switchable and adjustable filter systems - tone, enhancer, and equalizer- may be used separately or in combination to influence sound character, harmonics and frequency spectrum. Furthermore these filters can be used to dampen natural resonant frequencies, helping to limit feedback.

The AER Colourizer also provides 24V phantom power for a condenser microphone, an adjustable pro standard DI output for direct connection to a mixing desk and a phase switch.

Download Colourizer Specification PDF

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